Sweat & Stretch

Our newest class, one we know you’ll love, is a low-impact style program that we’re calling Sweat & Stretch. We started this class to demonstrate that everyone, no matter what your current level of fitness, can join and benefit from basic CrossFit (functional) training!  Sweat & Stretch begins with a 30-40-minute workout to get you sweating. We’ll cover strength, mobility, and endurance using body-friendly equipment, including kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, bikes, rowers, and more. Workouts will be different every day, keeping class interesting and fun!

Once we’ve got our heart rates up and bodies warm, we’ll transition into stretching/yoga for the last 20-30-minutes of class. We utilize a few different programs for this portion of class, including traditional coach-led stretches, ROMWOD, and yoga with certified teachers. Benefits of stretching after exercising include increased flexibility, faster muscle recovery, increased joint mobility, and decreased risk for day-to-day injury. We guarantee you’ll leave this class feeling better than ever!

No introductory class is required to participate in Sweat & Stretch! Class is at 12 PM on Thursday. Your first class is always FREE!

Thursday at noon – class lead by certified yoga teacher Tauni Doster of Lean Power Yoga. Tauni is a yogi, marathon runner, and CrossFitter.