October 3, 2018

Weekly Wellness challenge: Read a journal article everyday. Here’s a good read on fixing the squat!

Check out our October news here!

 Kilo Kardio at 5:15 AM/PM on Tues, 5:15 AM/PM and 8 AM on Thurs, and 8 AM on Sat. Now open for enrollment! HR monitors required.

Sticker Challenge! Enter to win a bag of Ascent Pre-Workout by posting a pic displaying one of our new stickers and using #kilotrained!

Nutrition Challenge starting Monday, October 15th! Master your macros! More details and sign-up at the gym.

Gymnastics Seminar this month on Saturday, Oct 27th. $20 for members and $30 for non-members.

RX: 1×12 B.S. @ Same Wt. as last. UNBROKEN. 4×8 Bench Press @ 70%. Then, AMRAP 15min. 7 PC(115/155), 7 Jerks(115/155), and 7 RMU.

Gold: 1×12 B.S. UNBROKEN. Then, AMRAP 15min. 7 PC(95/135), 7 Jerks(95/135), and 3 RMU.

Silver: 1×12 B.S. UNBROKEN. Then, AMRAP 15min. 7 PC(45/65), 7 Jerks(45/65), and 7 Strict Pull Ups.

Bronze: 100cal row. Then, AMRAP 15min. 7 DBPC, 7 DB Jerks, and 7 Plank DB Rows(each side)