Kilo Kardio
During our 60 minute Kardio class, participants train in targeted heart rate zones that are displayed on a large TV screen. Your personal display changes color when you’re working in different zones, giving you immediate feedback on your effort throughout class! Our dedicated coaches are there to correct form and adjust the workout as needed for all fitness levels.
Athletes will train using
🔹Concept 2 Rowers
🔹Concept 2 Ski-Ergs
🔹Concept 2 Bike-Ergs
🔹Air Assault Bikes
🔹Trueform Runner Treadmills
🔹Light dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises
Classes are already in session – and you can join NOW!
Current class schedule:
5:15 AM | Mon-Thur
5:15 PM | Tue / Thursday
8:00 AM on Saturday

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