April 15, 2019

Good evening everybody.  If you weren’t able to attend class last week we began our classes with a mobility test.  We will wrap up the second half of the test this week and I hope you have found some things to work on after the testing this past week.  It is good to refer to your test and retest periodically.  We will do so as a gym in the fall and in the spring.  I highly recommend checking in more often  especially if you tested in the orange or red on any of the screens.

rx: LIFT: EMOM 8min1 PC + 1 C&J @ 90% PC WOD: 5 rounds for time 20 Strict Pull Ups, 15 Strict HSPU, 10 Alt. Pistols. Time cap 18min.

ttr: As silver

gold: Same lift. Wod 10 spu, 10 shspu, 10 pistols

silver: Same lift. Wod 10 assisted spu, 10 assisted shspu (1-2 mats/bands/box), 10 lateral step ups using box height above knee.